A prototype for JamCraft4. Use your alchemical machinery to mix colourful essences and deliver orders!

Mouse to move, left mouse click to pick up or drop items, and right click to activate machines. Mix essences in the RGB colour space, guided by your colour map, and try to get a high score!

Planned features:

  • More interactables such as transmuters, purifiers, randomisers.
  • Naturally-spawning items such as gems, plants, etc to use in your combinations.
  • Unlockables and multi-essence orders.

P.S.: If it runs poorly in the browser, just download the version for your platform down below!


chromatus-mac-runnable.zip 15 MB
chromatus-linux-runnable.zip 14 MB
chromatus-windows-runnable.zip 12 MB


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Love it! Try to make more